• Five Follow-Up Emails for Work + Life

    20 Sep 2019 by

    Quality follow-up is essential in work, and really helpful in life. However, quality doesn’t necessitate emails with multiple paragraphs. A quick check in, after a meaningful interaction, is always helpful. Are thank you notes preferred? Always. But the least you can do is an email. Tom Hanks style. Copy/Paste for convenience. Hey ____, It was… Read more

  • Five Text Messages to Send Your Mom

    16 Sep 2019 by

    Figuring out how to connect with Mom can be hard. But she birthed you, so you at least owe her a text now and then. Copy/Paste for convenience. Hey Mom! Hope you are having a good day today. Just wanted to let you know I love you and am thinking of you. Grateful for our… Read more

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