Five Texts to Send Your Spouse While You’re at Work

Work harder on spousal texts. Send one of the following to your spouse during your next bathroom break. Now is the time for your next bathroom break.

Copy/Paste for convenience. Edit to remain personable.

  1. Hey babe. Hope you’re having a great day today 😄Excited to hang with you tonight!
  2. Sitting in a meeting. Daydreaming about which show we’re gonna start next.
  3. Hey sweetie. I decided the money I made at work in the last three hours is going toward our date night this week. Where are we goin’?! 😃
  4. T-minus _____ until I’m home. Excited to see you soon! Now I’m going to Google what “t-minus” actually means.
  5. Thanks for your patience with me this morning. I’ve just found my groove again and am feeling better. Tonight, when I get home, we’re going to eat a lot of chips and salsa.