Five Emails to Send the Janitor

The toughest task here is getting ahold of your janitor’s email. Make the effort and track it down – they make the effort to clean up your 💩. All it takes is a little recon.

Copy/Paste for convenience. Edit to remain personable.

  1. Hey ____! We haven’t met personally, but know that I’m grateful for your work around the office. The place consistently looks amazing and our team is extremely appreciative. Thank you!
  2. Hi _____, just a quick word to let you know how much our team appreciates your hard work. Our office looks great and you’re a big reason why. Thank you so much – let me know if you need anything!
  3. You may not feel it all the time, but our team is so grateful for the work you do every day. Thank you for your faithfulness and attention to detail. Keep up the good work! 🙌🏼
  4. Hey ____. Whether you realize it or not, our business is better with your hard work around the office. Thank you for providing an environment for our team to succeed. I’m a big fan of yours!
  5. I’ve been to some meetings lately where their offices look like my middle-school bedroom. Thank you for your hard work and setting the stage for success. Keep it up – we need your example.