Conceptualize / Consistency

“I’m not a big New Year’s Resolution guy, but . . . ” -Don

“But it’s nice to have a clean slate.” -w

“Exactly!” -Don

In a brief steam-room interaction, Don confirmed what most of us feel this time of year. No one likes to set goals with dates and expectations when failure is oft the case. Sure, it’s great to set big goals. But there’s so much that goes into meeting each one of those goals – it’s intimidating.

However, we can all agree that a “clean slate” is nice.

Come down for the holidays and don’t overlook January and February for the always-refreshing new life March has to offer. Before there is “life” there is “conception.” (i.e. to conceptualize).

The latter is where many of us find ourselves: conceptualizing where we’d like to be – through fitness, communication, organization, business, family etc.

It’s hard work. But if you aren’t conceptualizing (read: ideating), then what are your days, if not similar? Who are you, if not the same?

Don knows January brings hope. He wants to propose to his girlfriend by the end of the year. That’s a beautiful concept. But thanks to a clean slate, Don can make it a reality.