Five Emails to Support a Colleague in Their 2020 Goals

As a good employee, you should inquire with colleagues about their 2020 goals. Their answers might inspire goals of your own.

Copy/Paste for convenience.

  1. Hey! I’m asking a few people around the office about their personal work goals for the year. Would you mind sharing a few of yours? I’m currently working on my own. Thanks!
  2. What’s up, _____! Hope you had a great New Year. Real quick – I’m curious if you have any specific work goals for 2020. Would love to know how I can encourage you this year.
  3. Hey _____, Hope you had a good holiday and are ready to get back at it. I was wondering, do you have any specific work goals this year? I’m working on my list and thought you might have some good ideas. Let me know when you have time. Thanks!
  4. Alright, quick q on some 2020 goals. Our office eats at the same places for lunch all the time. Where are some new places we could go?
  5. I know we have goals our business is shooting for, but I’m curious what your goals our for our company this year and how we could get there? Let me know!