Five Text Messages to Send Your Mom

Your mother birthed you – you at least owe her a text now and then.

Copy/Paste for convenience.

  1. Hey Mom! Hope you are having a good day today. Just wanted to let you know I love you and am thinking of you. Grateful for our conversations and times together.
  2. Momma, thank you so much for loving me on a consistent basis. I know life gets hectic, but you have been a consistent source of encouragement over the last year. Thankful to call you mom.
  3. Hey Mom, life is pretty crazy right now so I’m sorry I haven’t reached out in a while. But know that I’m thinking of you and am grateful for your presence in my life. Excited to see you soon 🙂
  4. Hey Mom! Remember when we tag-teamed birth? We’ve always made a good team. Love you!
  5. Hey Momma – I’m at this amazing restaurant but compared to your cooking it’s a real dumpster fire. Love you!