1. Encourage the Client

2. Enhance My Skill-Set

3. No Unspoken Expectations

4. Timely Delivery

5. Respond + Follow Up







5 Texts to Send in a Pandemic

These times are unprecedented. What does that word even mean?

Unprecedented (Adj.)

Never done or known before.

You’ve maybe never done the following. It’s easier to scroll through social media and news feeds. But I encourage you to scroll through your phone contacts today. Pick out a few individuals you have not spoken with in awhile. Copy/paste one of the texts below.

Copy/Paste for convenience. Edit to remain personable.

1. Hey _____! Was thinking about you today and wanted to check in. Are you and the family doing well?

2. Hey _____. Was thinking about you today. Hope you and the family are doing well in the middle of this crazy season. Grateful for you, and can’t wait til the next time we can hang!

3. _______! I know it’s been awhile, but I was thinking about you the other day and hope things are going well – all things considered. These are wild times, but this will pass. Grateful for you!

4. Hey! Wanted to reach out and see if there’s anything I can do for you this week? Grocery store run? Any other errand? Just let me know!

5. Quick reminder: this will pass 👍🏼Hope you are well!

Five Texts to Send Your Spouse While You’re at Work

Work harder on spousal texts. Send one of the following to your spouse during your next bathroom break. Now is the time for your next bathroom break.

Copy/Paste for convenience. Edit to remain personable.

  1. Hey babe. Hope you’re having a great day today 😄Excited to hang with you tonight!
  2. Sitting in a meeting. Daydreaming about which show we’re gonna start next.
  3. Hey sweetie. I decided the money I made at work in the last three hours is going toward our date night this week. Where are we goin’?! 😃
  4. T-minus _____ until I’m home. Excited to see you soon! Now I’m going to Google what “t-minus” actually means.
  5. Thanks for your patience with me this morning. I’ve just found my groove again and am feeling better. Tonight, when I get home, we’re going to eat a lot of chips and salsa.

Five Emails to Send the Janitor

The toughest task here is getting ahold of your janitor’s email. Make the effort and track it down – they make the effort to clean up your 💩. All it takes is a little recon.

Copy/Paste for convenience. Edit to remain personable.

  1. Hey ____! We haven’t met personally, but know that I’m grateful for your work around the office. The place consistently looks amazing and our team is extremely appreciative. Thank you!
  2. Hi _____, just a quick word to let you know how much our team appreciates your hard work. Our office looks great and you’re a big reason why. Thank you so much – let me know if you need anything!
  3. You may not feel it all the time, but our team is so grateful for the work you do every day. Thank you for your faithfulness and attention to detail. Keep up the good work! 🙌🏼
  4. Hey ____. Whether you realize it or not, our business is better with your hard work around the office. Thank you for providing an environment for our team to succeed. I’m a big fan of yours!
  5. I’ve been to some meetings lately where their offices look like my middle-school bedroom. Thank you for your hard work and setting the stage for success. Keep it up – we need your example.

Conceptualize / Consistency

“I’m not a big New Year’s Resolution guy, but . . . ” -Don

“But it’s nice to have a clean slate.” -w

“Exactly!” -Don

In a brief steam-room interaction, Don confirmed what most of us feel this time of year. No one likes to set goals with dates and expectations when failure is oft the case. Sure, it’s great to set big goals. But there’s so much that goes into meeting each one of those goals – it’s intimidating.

However, we can all agree that a “clean slate” is nice.

Come down for the holidays and don’t overlook January and February for the always-refreshing new life March has to offer. Before there is “life” there is “conception.” (i.e. to conceptualize).

The latter is where many of us find ourselves: conceptualizing where we’d like to be – through fitness, communication, organization, business, family etc.

It’s hard work. But if you aren’t conceptualizing (read: ideating), then what are your days, if not similar? Who are you, if not the same?

Don knows January brings hope. He wants to propose to his girlfriend by the end of the year. That’s a beautiful concept. But thanks to a clean slate, Don can make it a reality.

Five Texts to Send a Discouraged Colleague

Have you ever been in a slump? It’s not fun. Encourage your colleague today with a little digital caffeine.

Copy/Paste for convenience. Edit to remain personable.

  1. For the record, you’re doing a great job. I know it’s been a wild couple weeks but our team is better because of your hard work. Thank you!
  2. Our business is in a better spot with you on the team. Thanks for your work – keep going. I’m here if you need anything!
  3. Hey, I know you’ve been busy lately. But our team is significantly better with you leading the way ✊🏼
  4. You’ve been crushing it lately. Just know that I see it on a regular basis. Thank you for working so hard as it’s an encouragement to me and everyone else in our organization – whether you realize it or not!
  5. Our business wouldn’t be where we are today without your hard work, effort and attention to detail. Thank you. Let’s keep going 💪🏼

Five Emails to Support a Colleague in Their 2020 Goals

As a good employee, you should inquire with colleagues about their 2020 goals. Their answers might inspire goals of your own.

Copy/Paste for convenience.

  1. Hey! I’m asking a few people around the office about their personal work goals for the year. Would you mind sharing a few of yours? I’m currently working on my own. Thanks!
  2. What’s up, _____! Hope you had a great New Year. Real quick – I’m curious if you have any specific work goals for 2020. Would love to know how I can encourage you this year.
  3. Hey _____, Hope you had a good holiday and are ready to get back at it. I was wondering, do you have any specific work goals this year? I’m working on my list and thought you might have some good ideas. Let me know when you have time. Thanks!
  4. Alright, quick q on some 2020 goals. Our office eats at the same places for lunch all the time. Where are some new places we could go?
  5. I know we have goals our business is shooting for, but I’m curious what your goals our for our company this year and how we could get there? Let me know!

Five Texts to Support Your Friend’s Goals in 2020

New Year’s Resolutions aren’t bad. But if you don’t have anyone keeping you accountable, New Year’s Resolutions are non-existent. Text someone today and bring them in on your journey.

Copy/Paste for convenience. Edit to remain personable.

  1. Do you have a New Year’s Resolution? Text it/them to me so I can ask you about it in three weeks.
  2. What are your work goals for 2020?
  3. Dude. Let’s grab coffee soon and talk about 2020 goals. I need someone to keep me accountable.
  4. I’m not going to tell anyone my New Year’s Resolutions. I’d rather just do it and then tell people what I did in December. But I’m going to tell you because I value your accountability as a friend. And if I fail it’s going to be your fault. Sound good?
  5. My New Year’s Resolution: _________. Text me once a month and make sure I’m keeping track 🙌🏼